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ron's  AREA RUG cleaning EQUIPMENT


[Under Construction]


Carpet   Wringer

Wringers have been around for many years.  This simple machine removes the majority of the
water from your carpets, making drying time much shorter.  This unit can be custom built to
suit your needs.  It comes with wheels as standard equipment for ease of moving the unit

Safety is also important on any machinery with moving parts.  That is why, as you can see from
the pictures, every effort has been made to limit access to any moving parts.



Showing wringer with safety end caps removed for viewing purposes.

Note the wheel assembly for ease of moving around shop.


Showing rug after pickup and feeding through rollers.


Showing rug going through swinging protective gate.

Note that the rug is close to the gate so that no hands can enter roller area.


Showing the rug after is has gone through the rollers.

Notice how the rug can be rolled up with the powered rollers for the ease of handling

to move to drying tower.



New ringer loaded for delivery.


New ringer loaded for delivery.